Ways Our Honda Finance Center Can Help You

After you’ve picked out a vehicle that best suits your needs, the next step in the car-buying process is visiting our Honda finance center. Our experts can assist you with a number of different tasks whether you’re planning on signing a lease or financing your new vehicle. Stop by Serra Honda of Champaign to learn more. 

Sell or Trade Your Current Vehicle 

If you’re looking to save a decent chunk of money when purchasing a new vehicle, one popular method is to either sell or trade your previous car to us. This not only saves you money but also the time it would take to sell the vehicle yourself to a private seller. You can use the convenient tool on our website to value your trade. 

Sign a Lease 

Those who plan on frequently swapping out their vehicle for a new one might want to consider a Honda lease at our finance center. A lease is much less expensive than a loan, but the trade-off is that you won’t own the vehicle once the lease period ends. You also won’t be able to customize a leased vehicle. 

Apply for Financing 

If you prefer to finance your new vehicle, we’ll work with you to find a loan that works with your budget and lifestyle. You can use our online tool to get pre-approved for credit at our dealership, further streamlining the process once you get to our dealership. Financing is more expensive than leasing, but you’ll completely own the Honda model after it ends. 

Service Financing 

We understand just how unpredictable vehicle repairs and maintenance can be. That’s why we partnered with Affirm to offer service financing which allows you to pay your service bill over a period of time instead of all-in-one sum. There are a number of flexible plans to pick from depending on your budget. 

Visit Our Honda Finance Center at Serra Honda of Champaign  

If you’re ready to start the car-buying process or have any other financial questions, stop by our Savoy, IL, Honda dealership today. Our team of experts will help you find a lease or loan deal that works with your lifestyle and budget. Come see us today to learn more!