Pre-Owned vs Certified Pre-Owned

Sometimes it can feel like the car-purchasing process needs to come with its own dictionary for all of the different terms you need to know. We’re here to help out with that by taking you through the differences between a pre-owned vehicle and a Honda CPO. That way you’re more prepared to make an informed decision moving forward!

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What is a Pre-Owned Honda?

When you shop pre-owned Honda vehicles, you’re looking at a wide range of vehicles that simply had a previous owner. They can typically be any age with any range of miles on them, and that will determine the price. Pre-owned vehicles can often be an excellent value since their down and monthly payments are much lower than if you were to purchase new.

They can also last you a long time, especially when you keep up with Honda services like oil changes and tire rotations.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Honda?

A CPO Honda is basically the closest you can get to purchasing new but at a fraction of the cost. In order to earn the coveted CPO title, these vehicles must undergo extensive inspections and meet high standards put forth by the original manufacturer.

You’ll also receive special Honda CPO benefits that you otherwise wouldn’t get. These benefits include longer and better warranties, roadside assistance, and even 90 days of free SiriusXM Radio.

Which is Better?

It’s hard to go wrong when you’re deciding whether to get a pre-owned or CPO Honda. Both have excellent benefits depending on your needs and lifestyle. Perhaps you don’t drive that often and don’t mind if your vehicle has a few extra miles on it. Then pre-owned is good for you!

Let’s say you want a CPO that you can pass down to your kid or resell in the future. Maybe you want a specific make and model and it only comes in one option or the other. No matter what, you can feel confident that you’ll be getting a high-quality Honda to take on the roads.

Visit us at Serra Honda of Champaign with any further questions you have about pre-owned or CPO vehicles and the purchasing process. All of us are eager to watch you drive off our lot in the Honda of your dreams!