Honda Oil Change 101: What Kind of Oil Do I Need?

As a car owner, one of the most common maintenance tasks you’ll have to deal with is the Honda oil change. This process is extremely common and usually simple, but using the wrong type of oil inside your engine can lead to bigger issues and even complete engine failure in worst-case scenarios. To learn more, read on or visit Serra Honda of Champaign today. 

What Is the Purpose of Motor Oil? 

The oil inside your engine is absolutely vital to the proper functioning of your Honda vehicle, whether you’re driving a compact sedan or a large SUV. The primary purpose of motor oil is to lubricate the various parts of your engine to keep them from rubbing against each other.  


There are plenty of other benefits your engine gets from fresh, proper oil: it helps protect against rust and oxidation, reduces friction, and keeps your engine operating at the proper temperature so you never experience overheating. 

Choosing Your Oil Grade 

Thankfully, the process of choosing the correct oil grade is relatively simple. In most cases, you’ll be able to find the grade of oil needed on the inside of your vehicle’s gas cap.  


If not, you can also check your user manual to see the recommended grades for both winter and summer driving. If all else fails, the experts at our Honda service center can determine the grade for you. 

Oil Types 

There are three main types of oil to be aware of when completing an oil change. Conventional oil is the simplest, cheapest option. It starts as crude oil from the ground that has all of its impurities removed.  


On the other hand, synthetic oil undergoes a more extensive refining process to ensure all impurities have been removed. Then, additives are introduced to make the oil cleaner and the molecules more uniform. 


Finally, there are synthetic oil blends. These blends are a mix of both aforementioned oil types, meaning they’ll be cheaper than fully synthetic oil, but you’ll still get many of the expected benefits. 

Visit Serra Honda of Champaign for a Honda Oil Change 

If you have any questions concerning oil changes or need help picking out the correct oil for your vehicle, stop by our Savoy, IL, Honda dealership today. Once you’re here, our service experts will assist you throughout the whole process. Come see us to learn more!