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Brake Pad Replacement

Honda Brake Pad Replacement Service

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The brakes are some of the most important safety features in your vehicle, so it pays to take good care of them. When regular inspections show that the brake pads are wearing down, brake pad replacement can help keep you safe—as well as keeping the rest of the braking system in good condition. At Serra Honda of Champaign, our technicians will gladly perform a brake pad replacement for your Honda, and our Saturday service hours, state-of-the-art service center, and knowledgeable service technicians make us worth the drive from Savoy or Mahomet.


Why Should I Have My Brake Pads Changed?

The brake pads are designed to bear the brunt of the braking force. When you step on the brake pedal, the calipers squeeze the brake pads against the discs or rotors. These brake pads are lined with a friction material that’s both heat resistant and softer than the metal rotors. Over time, this friction material will wear down, as it’s designed to do. If it wears out completely, the brake pad’s metal backing will press against the rotors when you step on the brakes. Unlike the brake pad lining, the metal backing can cause overheating and warping of the rotor, in addition to decreased stopping power. Having the brake pads changed is much less expensive than having the rotors and other braking system components repaired or replaced.

What Are Some Signs That My Brake Pads Need To Be Changed?

If you hear a squealing sound every time you step on the brake pedal, the chances are that it’s your brake pads telling you that they need attention. Most brake pads include built-in wear indicators. These indicators are tabs that normally don’t make contact with the rotor since they’re shorter than most of the brake pad lining. But when the lining is low enough, the tab will begin to protrude and cause the squealing noise. If you ignore this squealing, pretty soon, you’re likely to hear a different noise entirely. When the brake pad lining has worn out completely, you’ll hear the painful grinding of metal against metal.


How Often Do Brake Pads Need To Be Changed?

The rate at which brake pads wear down varies wildly from driver to driver. A driver who always leaves plenty of room and comes to gradual stops will likely need this service performed less often than someone who follows other cars too closely and has to slam on the brakes. Because of how widely it can vary, there’s no hard and fast rule on when brake pads need to be replaced. Instead, it’s best to take your Honda in for regular multi-point inspections. When you schedule an inspection or other service appointment at Serra Honda of Champaign, our technicians will measure your brake pads to see whether they’ll need to be changed soon. If the time has come, they’ll replace them with OEM Honda brake pads to ensure continued quality.

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